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Types of brake systems in the car

The types of brake systems in the car are always constantly developed in a way that keeps pace with the technology significantly, so the types of brakes vary greatly depending on the type of car, in addition to that inside the single car there is more than one type of brake in the car, so let's address in the following lines all the details of each type and components covered by each type.


Mechanical brakes


The types of brake systems in the car vary, including the distinctive mechanical brake types, including some details, including:


  • These brakes are also called hand brakes, which are located next to the driver's hand and are used additionally with the basic brakes.
  • They are usually used in parking, and have been replaced in some modern cars with a small button.
  • This type of brake needs to be tightened from time to time, as it usually relaxes every once in a while.
  • It is worth mentioning that this type of brake is not used with high speeds, it calms the speed of the car and does not stop it.
  • These brakes are connected to the brakes in the back of the car, by some steel wires.

Hydraulic brakes

This type of brake system in the car depends on the transfer of liquid pressure to the coals at both the front and rear of the vehicle to stop it, and this type of brake contains:

  • The brake pedal that is located below the driver's foot.
  • Dumb, brake box, brake oil.
  • It also contains pipes in which the liquid is transmitted, as well as some lyats.
  • In addition to identities, charcoal as well as kleber.
  • This type of brake is usually used with small cars and medium-sized cars.
Air brakes

This type of brake system is the most powerful in the car, as it is very similar to the hydraulic fluid pressure system but is different from it as follows:

  • It depends entirely on air pressure to stop tires and is connected to tires by some different tools.
  • These tools include spare air tanks, air compressor, safety valves and a screening valve.
  • The main difference between this type and hydraulic brakes is that it depends on air pressure rather than liquid pressure.
  • This type of brake is usually used with bulky trucks and large cars.
Types of brakes inside the car

There are some types of brake systems in the car that are commonly used in cars:

Disc brakes

  • It is a common type in different types of cars, in which a circular disc called "tanabar" is used.
  • The disc is directly attached to the wheels and rotates with them, and once the disc is stopped, the wheels are turned off by extension.
  • The discs are stopped by pressing the hydraulic wires to the so-called brake tail.
  • It results in friction in the disks so that they stop gradually until they stop.

Cylindrical brakes

  • The wheels here are connected to metal cylinders that rotate with the wheels, the cylinder stop is linked to the suspension of the wheels.
  • The cylinders are stopped here with so-called brake boots, and are located on both sides of the cylinder.
  • The pressure on the brakes causes the sides to friction with the cylinder from the inside out, resulting in the cylinder stopping.

Electromagnetic brakes


  • This type of brake is used in both electric vehicles and internal combustion system.
  • This type depends on converting the vehicle's motion power into electric power that helps stop the car.
  • This type of brake does not cause any friction, thus helping to increase the life of the brake system.

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