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Trucks and their importance.

What are you consisting of? And its divisions.

In addition to the features of each type of truck, in addition to this unique industry and the largest powerful truck manufacturers in different countries of the world.

What are trucks

First of all, before identifying trucks and their importance or components, we must first identify the trucks, as these trucks express:

  • They are heavy transport vehicles that are used to transport objects from goods and products in large quantities to large distances.
  • Trucks are used for a lot of purposes, they are able to carry any amount of goods of various kinds.
  • Shipping companies rely on them in all different transport operations, where the goods of the stores are transported through them.
  • In addition to its various uses, which we will address in detail, it is one of the indispensable compounds.
  • It is worth noting that trucks are one of the best means used in the rapid transport of important goods and products.
  • The truck industry helps greatly influence the course of daily life in various aspects of life.
  • There's nothing you're using right now or passing by in one way or another unless one truck delivers it to you in one way or another.
  • If you have purchased a meal, in the stages of manufacture and transportation of each component passed on a truck.

History of the truck industry

Much differs from the history of the first truck manufactured worldwide, but the history of the truck industry is as gradual as follows:

Lift trucks

  • These trucks are also called fork, lifting supplies and equipment from one place and placing them elsewhere.
  • They are also used to pull objects and lift them dynamically very smoothly, so they are very practical.
  • Clark manufactured the truck in partnership with some other companies in 1906.
  • The car was initially powered by an electric battery, so power engines were used to use it.

Tow trucks

  • It began by connecting the trailer with a Cadillac car and it was in 1913 by Ernest Holmes.
  • They were used to tow cars that were disabled or that were smashed in the road.
  • The company has evolved in the manufacture of this type of truck very professionally until it reached a very high level.


  • The need is always born of invention, as Alexander Brenton wanted to find a way to transport the cars he made for customers.
  • He manufactured an 18-wheel car with a truck-length axle to move the wheels and carry a heavy weight.
  • He then achieved his invention to that huge truck in 1898 to achieve his first invention.

Mac Trucks

  • It is one of the explicit models of trucks that are common in transporting goods and products, and therefore very distinctive.
  • The first type was manufactured by Mac, which was founded in 1900 specifically in New York.
  • The British government then purchased and used the model for that car in World War I.
Types of trucks

The types of trucks vary depending on their importance and uses, and each type has its own sections that come as follows:


Light trucks

  • The first type of truck is light in weight and light in load as well.
  • The weight set in the United States is 6,300 kg at its maximum, while in England its maximum is 3500 kg.
  • They are not large in their own dimensions, similar to regular passenger cars by approximation.
  • They are used in small businesses, as well as by individuals alike.

Medium transport trucks

  • Medium trucks are used in all transports of medium-weight products and goods, etc.
  • The weight agreed in the United States would be at least 6,300 kg and not more than 15,000 kg.
  • However, England has set a minimum weight specification of no more than 7,500 kg.
  • Used in indoor facilities such as drinking water transport, waste transport, etc., drainage, etc.

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