This is the section of the privacy policy valid in vehicleand, it addresses issues like the data which are extracted from the user and the registered visitors at vehicleand. It is applicable to any service on the Platform or any of its products.

1. Vehicleand respects your privacy; it developed a separate privacy policy and mainstreamed it in the agreement. Please read our privacy policy meticulously. We hereby stress that upon your agreement to the general terms and conditions herein, you shall be deemed accepting our approved policy of privacy.

2.  It is noted that in case you violate the Laws of Saudi Arabia or the service use conditions, you jeopardize the rights of privacy of your personal data in terms of the breach by third parties.

3. We may change the policy of privacy, change or cancel any part thereof. In such case, we shall publish the updated version on the Platform.

4. Upon your registration and use of the Platform, this shall be deemed a declaration by you of accepting the policy of privacy.


1. Scope of the Privacy Policy

1. Vehicleand respects your privacy and follows the rules of protecting the personal information and their proper use.

2. This policy specifies the method of using the Platform, protection of any information you may provide to us upon using the Platform and services, it controls your use upon registration as a user, the rules of collecting these data, their use, maintenance, protection and disclosure.

3. This section which is valid in vehicleand Platform addresses issues including the data of the registered member and some issues pertaining to the visitors and advertisers in general. It is applicable to any service on the Platform or any of its products.

4.  It is noteworthy that in case of your breach of the Laws in Saudi Arabia or the conditions of the service use, you jeopardize the right of the privacy of your personal information and the share thereof with the competent authorities


2. Protection of your Information

1. Your privacy is important to us; we check the privacy and safety of the third-party providers for verifying that your personal information and safety thereof is properly addressed, and these providers are handling your personal data legally.

2. We give no access for the other service providers to your personal data for their personal purposes. If possible, handling with your personal data shall be permitted for definite purposes and according to our instructions.

3. Whether you are a Saudi citizen or not, you control and is accountable for your personal information.


3. Most Significant Measures for Protecting your Personal Information

1. The confidential personal data and credit account data which are passed through SSL are completely ciphered and may not be published or stored on the Platform.

2.  There are no financial data: in case, you buy our paid services, all the data of the different credit cards are not stored or shared with any third party.

3. It is noteworthy that despite the safety of the above referenced precautions, there is no 100% safe internet and we cannot guarantee that your data may not be hacked or accessed by any unpermitted foreign authorities.

4.  We have our own valid precautions for handling with any suspected hacking for the personal data. In case of any hacking, you and an active authority shall be reported to according to the legal requirements.

5. Subject to vehicleand system, vehicleand’s employees are not permitted to disclose the password of any user, as all the data are ciphered and stored in safe environment. In case of the user's skipping of the password, it is automatically transmitted by vehicleand. No employee at vehicleand shall demand the password from the user by using the email or telephone.

6.  We developed proper security precautions which are compatible with global standards for preventing the loss of your personal data, its use, change, disclosure or accessibility by unpermitted methods. We limit the accessibility to your personal data except for the employees, agents and any third parties for which the accessibility to your personal data is mandatory.

7. They shall process your personal data according to our instructions, and may be governed by the agreements of confidentiality. All the data you give us shall be saved in safe servers and the providers of the cloud infrastructure. In Vehicleand, we executed proper and necessary technical and regulatory measures for protecting your personal data.

8. We do not sell your information which are registered in Vehicleand or publish your personal data to any third parties; we may publish some general information, statistics or opinion polls which you shared in, noting that we do not refer to the participating staff in such statistics and use your data in case of creating another Platform for us.

9. We shall save and use your personal data but will not disclose them to any unauthorized individual or authority, but we may use such information in our marketing and research activities or any other activity which may be deemed proper.

10. Vehicleand is entitled to omit the email messages automatically, screen them through our media, track any malicious activity or prohibited content. In case of using the tools of Vehicleand Platform for sending contents to another person, the Platform does not save the addresses of the other persons on a permanent basis. For reporting any inconvenient advertisements from other users, please call the customer service on the email.

11. The user shall not use Vehicleand on the web or any of the communication tools of Vehicleand for collecting addresses of the other users and sending messages. In such case, the user shall be in violation of the conditions of use and policy of privacy of Veicleand. In such case, we shall take the necessary action including blocking the user and litigation measures.


12. Our website is not qualified for any person below 18 years old; we do not collect any data of the children. In case, you are junior, do not use or deliver any information to this Platform or register as a user or make any buying transactions.

13. If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please call us.





4. Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We may disclose personal data which we received from you, in case it is mandated by Law or if we may believe, in good faith, that such disclosure is essential in the following cases without limitation:

1. For application of the Law or in response to a lawsuit against us or any of our affiliated companies:

2. For protecting and defending our rights, properties or the rights and properties of other users of the site.

3. In any urgent cases for protecting the personal safety of our website users and the public.

4. In case Vehicleand maintains your personal data during the liquidation of business, reorganization, restructuring, dissolution, merge or acquisition, or any other sale or transfer of some or all the assets of Vehicleand, whether it is in the form of active facility or part of bankruptcy or liquidation, the buyer or the other successor shall receive your transferred personal data as part of the transferred assets of the company. We may seek to acquire or merge with other companies. In case of such change in our business, the owner(s) may use your personal data in the manner of the statement of privacy herein.

Information available for the Public

When you publish material for sale or lease through our services and Platform, you may give some of the personal data an access to the other users of Vehicleand including your first name and surname, email address, location, number of communication, Please note that the other users may share any personal data which you may publicly disclose to third parties. Please take more caution accordingly.

5. Information we collect

1. Personal Data

We may collect some of the personal information and data from the member or visitor in different ways; when the member or visitor register on the Platform or register advertisement for sale, purchase or registration in the postal list of the Platform or upon approval of collecting some data, if asked about developing certain service or opinion poll which we may present in our Platform. The data which we collect from the members or visitors include the name, age, email, telephone number, credit number and location. In case of buying something, the user may initially refuse to provide any of those data to us unless they are required and essential for presenting service or the use of the Platform.

We collect different types of information about the users of our location as follows:

1. First name, surname, user's name, telephone/mobile number, location.

2. Data of Google, Facebook, and Apple: the Platform collects the data from your account at Google and Facebook upon your permission, including your first name, surname, email address. In case your register by using Google, Apple, Facebook and permitted for us through the privacy advantage inside the application, we may collect data including the gender, email address according to your permissions.

3.  Communication data: include the email address, telephone numbers.

Upon reporting the changes in your personal data, these personal data shall be accurate and updated. In case of any changes in your data with us, please, keep us informed.

2. Non-personal Data

We may collect some of the nonpersonal information and data from the member user or visitor of the Platform for interacting with the different services of the Platform including the type of the browser which you use for browsing our Platform, its operation system, the provider of internet service which are technical data which may be catalyst for us for finding the optimum method for the user's accessibility to our Platform and its different services.

1. Data of the transaction: include details of your payments to the Platform and other details of the services.

2. The technical data & the Platform data: we collect the device information with your account of Vehicleand  in the form of unique identifier like the operation system, name of the network, IP address, exit registration data ( date of registration, date of the last and successful entry, change of the last password) and type and issue of the browser, date and time settings, system of operation, basic system and the other techniques on the devices you use for accessing to this location, its applications and our Platform.

3.upon your permissions, we may collect various information for determining your location upon publishing your advertisement in our Platform, it may include your IP address and GPS and through collecting the data of the location, you may present the user's features and publish them in your neighboring area.


We collect information about your activity on our Platform including:

1. The websites through which you had an access to our Platform.

2. The date and time stamp of each visit.

3. The searches you made.

4. The lists and advertising boards you clicked.

5. Your interaction with the advertisements and lists, period of your visits, the order by which you visit the content on our Platform.

6. Data of the personal file: including the user's name, password, interests, preferences, comments and responses to the questionnaires.

7. Data of use: including information about the method of using our site, services and Platform.

8. Marketing and communication data: include your preferences in terms of marketing from the third parties and your communications ones.

9. Data of click stream flow: we collect different statistical information about your online activity on our Platform

These activities include the following:

Your searches of the lists and advertisements.

The signboards you clicked and your interactions.

We publish the advertisements on our Platform, you may use the cookies of each user or certain category thereof for coping with the advertisements which are addressed to them


6. Cookies

As most of the online Platforms, our Platform uses cookies for collecting the information and details of the reaction of the Platform visitors upon their visit, provided the visitor is anonymous and incognito for improving the extent of the visitor's use of our Platform and its different services. You shall operate cookies in your machine for the optimum use of our location. Cookies are self-saved on the user's machine for helping the Platform in reaching the optimum performance for each user in terms of the quick access to the Platform, loading its data and images. Based on this anonymous data, we may check the location to be improved for optimizing our capacity for reaching level of satisfaction of our customers. They can be used for delivering advertisements for you upon your browsing


Nature of the Cookies

1. They are files which include small quantities of data, user's sessions, date and time of your visit, browsing record, your preferences and name of your user.

2. We may use the cookies for collecting the information for reporting the web traffic, creating collated statistical data and improving our services.

3. You can adjust your browser for banning all or some of the cookies. Please note that if you delay or ban the cookies, certain parts of our Platform shall not be accessible or poorly operated.

4. We do not collect certain categories of your personal data including your ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political views, genetic or the biometric data. We collect any information pertaining to the convictions and criminal crimes.

5. We refer that the cookies do not include any personal or secret information about you like the address, telephone number or the credit card details.

6. Administration of the cookies: by using our location, you agree that we shall insert the cookies on your machine.

7. Administration of the cookies is generally simple. In case these cookies are anonymous on your machine, your access to our Platform shall be limited. You shall not use some sections properly such as price estimation engine.

The use of the Third Party of the Cookies & other Tracking Techniques

1. Some contents and applications are delivered like the advertisements on the Platform by third parties including the advertisers, networks of advertisements. servers, content providers, applications' providers which use the cookies in addition to the web waves, or the other tracking techniques for collecting information about you upon using our location.

2. The information they collect are pertinent to your personal information, they may collect information (including the personal information) about your activities which you perform online, they may use this information for providing you with the concerns-based advertisements or any of the other target contents. We have no control over the tracking techniques of those three parties or the method of their use. For more inquiries about any other target advertisement or content, please call the provider directly.



7.  Method of Using your Data

You agree that we are not permitted to transfer your personal data to any third parties inside and outside Saudi Arabia. In most cases, we shall use your personal data under the following conditions:

1. For accessibility to our Platform and receipt of the services: -

You can determine your identity through your first name, surname, your mobile number, email address, and location upon registering the entry by using your phone number or email.

We use these registers for providing our services according to our rules and conditions, we may use, as well, your email and mobile number for sending SMS, email messages and notices to your mobile for submitting suggestions and recommendations to you regarding our relevant services.

2.  Marketing & promotions

We seek to provide you with the options for the uses of the personal data particularly in respect of marketing, advertising, we use the ID's, communication, techniques, use and the personal file for conceptualizing your needs, requirements and concerns. You may receive marketing promotions from us. If you are desirous to suspend these promotions, you communicate with us through clicking the link of " cancel of subscription" in the email which is sent for you.

3. Whenever it is necessary for our legal interests (or for third party interests) and your basic interests and rights which are not beyond these interests. Our legal concerns include updating our records, control the method of your use of our services. Our activities include the following:

Your registration as new customer.

Prohibition of fraud and spam.

Administration of the payments, fees, collection and recovery of our due funds.

Administration of our relationship with you.

Your completion of the polls.

Management and protection or our works, services and Platform including checking and correction of any errors.

Data analysis, testing, maintenance of the system, reporting, data hosting, use of the analysis as the data, including details of communication, identity, personal file, use statistics, and other technical data, are relevant to the important activities for our legal interests.

4. When not responding to legal or regulatory obligation: it includes the injunction orders and legal issues like subpoena. We have the right to cooperate fully with any legal authorities or to respond to any court order for disclosing the identity or information of any person who publishes on or through the Platform.

5. For improving our services on the Platform: including collection of the different analyses and measurements such as the time you spend on our Platform and method of using it for understanding the user's reaction, improving our services, understanding your needs and interests. Based on your clicking, we present our suggestions and recommendations for the services who may of interest for you.

6. We use the data of your location: for operating our services properlyincluding the proximity of the lists of advertisements to your area for improving your buying process, we seek to improve our services for you through their inclusion in the location data, collection of anonymous statical information about the characteristics of our Platform, we assess and control your interaction with the signboards of the external authorities on our Platform.

7. Change of the purpose: we shall use your personal data for the purposes for which we collected unless we are reasonably in need for their use for another reason which is compatible with the original one.

Please note that we may process your personal data according to the above rules whenever it is required or permitted by law.


8. Maintenance of the data & Storage Web

We shall maintain your personal data to the extent they are necessary for fulfilling the purposes of our collection thereof including any records, legal and accounting requirements and reporting. The data we collected about you shall be stored and processed for determining the proper storage period of the personal data considering the following:

The quantity, nature and sensitivity of the personal data and the potential risks of the unpermitted use or the disclosure of your personal data, the purpose of our processing of your personal data and the likely fulfillment of these purposes through anther methods and the valid legal requirements.

In certain conditions, you may render your personal data anonymous (thereafter, your link therewith shall be uncontrolled) for research or statistical purposes. In such case, we may indefinitely use this information without any further notice for you.

9. The Changes in our Privacy Policy

1.  We may change our privacy policy or any part thereof or cancel any of its parts. We share last update of this document at the close of which the date shall be annotated for fulfilling the legal requirements and the method for managing our works. Please note that any changes shall be valid upon its publishing on the Platform.

2. Upon your registration on the Platform and using it, this shall be deemed an agreement to the updated policy of privacy. You are expected to review this page on regular basis for checking any of our amendments which are binding upon you for having our services and Platform.


10. Your Informatic Rights

You may have definite legal rights pertaining to your personal data. Your rights may be active depending upon the method of our interaction with you. We are concerned with your privacy; therefore, we exert our utmost efforts for providing options which we are addressing now. We developed mechanisms in terms of controlling your information as follows noting that we may be legally obliged to maintain your data for certain purposes:

1. for acquiring rights of the data of certain geographical area, please review the following section:

The right of correcting of any of your data with us: you may correct any incomplete or inaccurate data. Nonetheless, we may verify the accuracy of the new information you deliver to us.

The right of retracting your approval of processing your personal data at any time but you are not entitled to use any service on the Platform without prejudice to the legality of any of our processes based on the prior approval of your use of any of our services.

2. In case of the deliberate collection of vehicleand of the sensitive data of the secret medical rights, ethnic or racist origins, the political, religious or gender beliefs, the user's approval shall be mandatory.


11. Communication & Marketing

1.  We may contact you through the email, SMS, notices inside the application in respect of our services or Platform for: confirming your registration, reporting you in case your list of advertisements is active /expired or to the messages of the dealings of our services. Due to the significance of delivering these messages, we may not cancel the subscription in these messages.

2. Vehicleand provides basic service for including the paid-up advertisements and services through the featured, urgent exhibited advertisements and campaigns in the artificial intelligence based social media.

3. You may receive marketing communications from our side in case:

You requested these information

You used our Platform or services.

You registered your details for having trailer

12. Provision of feedback information

The Platform advises the buyers for providing their feedback for the buyers upon the completion of each sale, which may help the users in the awareness of the potential sellers. Your feedback information and the identity of the user shall be displayed on the Platform. You agree that no feedback information which include racist vituperations, detraction of the cultural value or any sarcastic comments shall be published. Publishing any feedback information for promoting off sales, is forbidden. In case of your regular receipt of passive feedback information, your membership on the Platform shall be cancelled.


13. Links to the Website of Third Parties

Our Platform may include links to websites, applications of third party, if you click on any of these links, you are advised that each link has its own policy of privacy. We have no control over these websites/applications and are not liable for these policies. Whenever you exit our Platform, we advise you to read the policy of privacy of each website/link you may visit.

14. Safety

You agree to provide the safety to the Platform and protect it from any damage which may be inflicted upon it due to claims, losses, breakdowns, costs or expenditures which may occur due to your breach of the user's agreement or your violation of any law, amendments or infringement upon rights of third parties.